Modality / Motion Products

# MO-1040      Humanoid Puzzle
Dimension: 32 x 18 x 1 cm, Each puzzle includes 6 parts : head, hands, body, legs

# MO-1041      Hand Tool Dexterity Test
Test involves disassembling nuts, bolts and washers from one upright end board and reassembling them in the same orientation and order on the other end. Measures skill in use of ordinary tools (wrenches and screwdrivers) as well as skills for many assembly, mechanic and industrial jobs. test is also useful as an observational tool in assessing sequencing, planning and spacial orientation skills.
Dimension: 33 x 24 x 24 cm

# MO-1042      Push-Pull Box Stand
Dimensions: 90 x 38 cm, adjustable in 4 angles, Handle dia. 4 cm
Weights can be place inside the push-pull box.

# MO-1043      Climbing Board and Bar
Used to increase range of motion and strength of the upper extremities.
Dimension: 60 cm (L) x 12 cm (W) x 90 cm (H)
Climbing Bar x 14 pairs, Stainless Steel, wood bar

# MO-1044      Weight

# MO-1044A     0.5 kg
# MO-1044E     2.5 kg

# MO-1044B     1.0 kg
# MO-1044F     3.0 kg

# MO-1044C     1.5 kg
# MO-1044G     5.0 kg

# MO1044D     2.0 kg

# MO-1045      Working Treatment Table
Let the hand of the patient rehabilitation treatment use treatment table .
# MO-1045A   Small    Dimension: 180 cm (L) x 90 cm (W) x 76 cm (H)
# MO-1045B   Large    Dimension: 200 cm (L) x 120 cm (W) x 76 cm (H)

# MO-1046      Height Adjustable Parallel Bars
These parallel bars provide excellent stability and are extremely robust.
Dimension: 300 cm (L) x 60 cm (W),   Adjustable height: 70 cm ~ 105 cm
Stainless steel bar, Anti-slip pathway

# MO-1047      Corner Step-Height Adjustable
These stairs provide excellent training for patient's walking ability.
Dimension:    Overall: 300 cm (L) x 180 cm (W) x 140 cm (H)
- 7 stair side: 7.5cm each step     - 3 stair side: 15cm each steap
- Platform: 90 cm x 90 cm x 60 cm (H)

# MO-1048      Posture Mirrors
Posture mirrors used for postural reeducation and feedback for normal movement.
Dimension: 60 cm (L) x 35 cm (W) x 180 cm (H)
Wooden material
With 4 swivel caster.

# MO-1049A      Large Therapeutic Bed
Dimension: 180 cm (L) x 180 cm (W) x 40 cm (H)
# MO-1049B      Mattress
Dimension: 180 cm x 90 cm x 5 cm
# MO-1049C      Polymerization Mattress
Dimension: 180 cm x 90 cm x 5 cm

# MO-1050      Therapeutic Bed
Dimension: 180 cm (L) x 66 cm (W) x 60 cm (H)

# MO-1051      Shoulder Rotation Exerciser
Shoulder rotation exerciser to increase range of motion and exercise the wrist and forearm.
Wheel: Ø 90 cm
Wheel adjustable height: 32 cm

# MO-1052      Wrist Exerciser
# MO-1052A   Rotator(single)
# MO-1052B   Rotator(double)

# MO-1053      Basic Training Set
11 pcs include knots, zippers, snaps, buckles, pins and buttons.

# MO-1054      Overhead Pulley
- Length: 60cm
- Height adjust.: 90cm ~ 140cm
With spring , "S" hook and head strap

# MO-1055      Hand Mold
Dimension: 20 cm x 18 cm x 1.0 cm

# MO-1056      Graded Pinch Exerciser
Improve pinch strength and coordination with a graded pinch exerciser. The exerciser includes 5 sets of color-coded graded resistance pinch pins, three horizontal rods, and a vertical rod for shoulder ROM exercise.
Optional Replacement Pinchpins, 7 each.
Yellow - 1 pound, Red - 2 pounds, Green - 4 pounds, Blue - 6 pounds, Black - 8 pounds

# MO-1057      Finger Extension Remedial Game
The Finger Extension Remedial Game can be used by occupational therapists to assess and facilitate rehabilitation of the finger extensors. The finger rehabilitation game board uses hook-and-loop material for attaching the game pieces to the board. The Finger Extension Remedial Game can be used to help rehabilitate extensor tendon injuries, which makes it difficult to extend the wrist or fingers.
Hook material on the bottom of the 32 square game pieces provides resistance

# MO-1058      Weights
Dimension: Ø 10 cm , Weight: 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 4.0 kg

# MO-1059      Wrist Weight
# MO-1059A     1 pounds
# MO-1059B     2 pounds
# MO-1059C     3 pounds
# MO-1059D     4 pounds
# MO-1059E     5 pounds

# MO-1060      Gaiter
Dimension: 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 cm

# MO-1061      Hook and Loop Exercise Board
Create a program for pronation, supination and wrist flexion or extension. Use for strengthening fingers, hands and forearms. Variety of sizes and shapes help improve pinching and gripping ability. Board measures 30cm x 23cm and is covered with loop material to provide resistance. Includes one block and six hook-covered rollers.

# MO-1062      Hand/Finger Exerciser
Hand/Finger Exerciser develops isolated finger strength, flexibility and coordination as it builds hand and forearm strength.
Yellow - 1.5 lb, Red - 3 lb, Green - 5 lb, Blue - 7 lb, Black - 9 lb

# MO-1063      Hand Exerciser
Dimension: 14.5 x 12.5 x 1.5 cm

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