Tumble Forms System

# TFW-55815301    Slotted Wedges

Slotted wedges are durable wedges that offer a variety of positioning options for children and adults. Slotted wedges are used in conjunction with supine mat or bed positioning, the wedges help alignment of the hip, preventing rotation and providing adduction of lower extremities. Tumble forms wedge promotes comfort and optimal positioning during treatment sessions. Leg troughs offer a natural comfortable support to lower extremities.     

# TFR-2794    Roll

These brightly colored rolls are adaptive shapes for rolling and rocking movements, and for positioning and neurodevelopmental training. Soft yet firm rolls have a solid core to prevent flattening at the bottom (except the 4"-diameter size). Includes strap for easy carrying and storage (except the 4" size).

# TFR-2789    Raised Roll

Tumble Forms raised rolls are uniquely shaped with a flat bottom, tall sides and curved top to provide a stable base for bolster sitting, side leaning or prone positioning. Smaller rolls can be used for knee or ankle flexion and cervical elongation. A Velcro strip on the bottom of each roll holds it in place for active or static therapies.     

# TFS-4444    Mobile Floor Sitter

Allows the caregiver to move or transport a child without repositioning. Ideal for children who are unable to ambulate, but can still mobilize and build lower extremity strength by moving themselves around. The Floor Sitter comes in three sizes. The Mobile Floor Sitter includes both the Feeder Seat (shown on facing page) and the Mobile Base.
# TFS-4444M : Up to 48",   # TFS-4542M : Up to 60",   # TFS-4542P : Up to 72"

# TFS-2795    Feeder Seat Positioner

Used for any short-term activity in the home, clinic or school. Feeder seat positioner is a great alternative to the child’s wheelchair or stander. Tumble forms positioner allows good basic positioning without complicated adjustments. Feeder seat comes in four sizes to accommodate infants and adolescents.     

# TFT-2795T    Tray for Feeder Seat

Tray for Feeder Seat Systems are great for learning tasks. The tray can be adjusted in both angle and height. Can be used with the Floor Sitter Wedge Feeder Seat and the Mobile Floor Sitter.The work surface measures 23" square and is covered with Tumble Forms non slip surface. The colorful tray is angle adjustable and adjusts in height from 14" - 20".

# TFC-4590U    Universal Corner Chair

Tumble Forms universal corner chair is an ideal positioning option for your child as it keeps his shoulders flexed to help better focus on fine motor activities. Corner chair also helps maintain leg extension and reduces extensor thrust. Chair padding allows child to maintain sitting position for longer periods. One size fits children up through adolescence with a maximum height of 60".

# TFS-2771P    Carrie Potty Seat

The latex-free Carrie Potty Seat can be used over the toilet or as a free-standing commode. This Potty Seat is made from high-density foam with a washable, seamless coating that is nontoxic and urine and stain-resistant. It can be positioned over 18” institutional toilets and most residential toilets (except when in reclined position). Or use the teal Potty Seat as a free-standing commode. Lateral supports and tray help provide trunk stability and lockable caster base facilitates safety with transfers. The washable, urine-resistant potty seat has a built-in, anti-thrust seat to help maintain pelvic positioning.     

TFR-4770R    Ready Racer

Recommended for children ages 18 months to five years, the Ready Racer is a pre-wheelchair, pediatric mobility aid that combines high-performance wheelchair handling with sports-car styling. Improves perceptual- motor skills, strengthens the arms and upper trunk, and allows the child to play at peer level. Designed for indoor use, the Ready Racer maneuvers in tight places, moves easily over carpet and rough surfaces and requires minimal arm strength.     

# TFC-2774C    Carrie Collar

This hinged collar supports the jaw line and occipital region to help improve head control, neck flexion and midline positioning. Can be used by itself or used with other seating systems. Designed to fit the Elementary size Carrie Seat System. Attaches in the front with a quick-release hook & loop fastener. The Carrie Collar is odor resistant with increased durability. The seamless covering is impervious to fluids and easy to clean. Fits 14" neck circumference.

# TFS-2797    Deluxe Square Module Seating System

Designed to support and position children with neurological impairments, this set is ideal for a variety of settings. The Deluxe Seating System includes 10 positioners: one box seat, two long rectangles, two short rectangles, two triangles, two round disks and one ring. The Positioning System includes 8 positioners: two long rectangles, two short rectangles, two triangles, one round disk and one ring (does not include the box seat).     

# TFS-4525S    TriStander

The TriStanderR positioner does the job of three standers. Its unique design allows prone, supine or vertical standing so a single stander can provide a variety of positioning needs. A foot-operated pneumatic tilt mechanism makes it easy to adjust the stander from 15° to 90°. The wide range of adjustability in the TriStander allows it to grow with the child. The TriStander is available in two sizes. The TriStander 45 accommodates children 32" to 45" tall, weight capacity 70 lbs. and the TriStander 58 accommodates children 43" to 58" in height. Weight capacity 150 lbs.     

# TFJ-4768C    Jettmobile

Develops sensory motor skills as well as provides fun and mobility for the special needs child. Jettmobile helps develop neck, shoulder and arm muscle coordination while the child advances in an extension position.
Ball casters are safely concealed by protective fenders. Tumble forms jettmobile comes complete with removable positioning shapes, abductor wedge and hip positioning strap.     

# TFT-2885    Tortoise Shell System

Use this colorful, molded polyethylene shell for vestibular therapy and sensory integration. Ideal for children 0 - 5 years of age in early intervention programs, either individually or in a group. Use the lid as a recessed base to prevent the shell from rocking, or on top as a flat surface for vestibular therapy. Measure : 34" in diameter x 18" high.     


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