Wound/Scar Care & Orthopedic Supplies

# SC-4336   Silicon-STS Splinting Sheet
2.0mm x 40cm x 53cm
# SC-1540   U-Plus Splinting Sheet
1.5mm x 40cm x 40cm

# SC-1206   Otoform
Otoform    28oz. (800g)
Helps control and manage hypertrophic scarring and forms total-contact skin molds to be worn with burn garments, gloves and hand splints

# SC-9A   Orthoband
The elastic traction band features a high quality stainless steel adjustable clamp that secures the elastic without damaging the elastic fiber.

Shock-absorbing Cushion
# OS-1091

3.2 x 45 x 60 cm, Beige without Adhesive-Backed
# OS-1091-AB
3.2 x 45 x 60 cm, Beige with Adhesive-Backed

Foot Impression Foam

# OS-6397-S
330 x 145 x 40mm
# OS-6397-L
330 x 160 x 50mm, Large

# OS-1170   Natural Leather
Natural Leather    1.2mm x 45cm x 60 cm (4 sheets/case)

# OS-1176   Artificial Leather
Artificial Leather    1.0 mm x 45 cm x 60 cm (4 sheets/case)

Silicon for Cushion

# OS-1135
Cushion Gel
# OS-1136
300 ml, (2 ea. / Pack)

# OS-1688    Podoscope
Dimensions: L 47 x W 45 x H 14 cm
Accepted maximum weight 160 kg

# OS-1689    Vacuum Former
Dimensions: W 360 x D 670 x H 180 mm
Frame Dim. : L 570 x W 350 mm (equipped with Soft-bladder)
Vacuum connector: Vacuum hose 3m (ID=13mm)
Vacuum-Control: manually, Vacuum and Ventilation separately adjustable

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