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    Type-P Overlay

    We supply three kinds of thermoplastic materials AquaCast™, BlessingCast™, and FuzzyCast™ with 6 different perforation patterns (from Mini- to Mega-) and various reinforced perforation patterns to meet RT application as follows:
    * AquaCast™ can become transparent in hot water and oven with temperature at 65°C ~ 70°C and cool down with minimum shrinkage and moderate speed for sufficient operation time to produce quality anterior immobilization casts.
    * BlessingCast™ has excellent stiffness and is the most rigid casting material available on the market as the so-called bullet-proof casts. Therefore, it can effectively reduce the bolus effect associated by using thinner casts to achieve the same immobilization as using thicker materials. But it neither can become transparent or translucent after heating in the oven and hot water bath nor regain its color back after cooling down.
    * FuzzyCast™ has unique soft fuzzy materials permanently built on the one-side surface of thermoplastics which can minimize skin allergy and hair-sticking problems. Because of its fluffy surface, it can increase patient comfort during radiation treatments. Like AquaCast™, it also can become translucent in hot water bath with temperature at 65°C ~ 70°C and regain the colors back after cooling down.


    * Custom-sized thermoplastics or Large sheet, say, 60cm x 90cm are available upon request.