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  • Body Calipers, Beam Checker & Dosimetry Films

    Body Caliper

    # BCC-25      Head / Neck / Mammo Body Caliper
    Width: 25cm      Length: 39cm      Measures: 0 ~ 25 cm
    # BCC-45      Standard Body Caliper
    Width: 30cm      Length: 52cm      Measures: 0 ~ 45 cm
    # BCC-55      Extended Body Caliper
    Width: 30cm      Length: 62cm      Measures: 0 ~ 55 cm      

    Beam Checker

    # BCR-2020    Beam Checker
    This multifunctional isocentric beam checker consists of a large opaque acrylic screen backed by a secondary plate, both supported by two lateral uprights. The screen is inscribed with lines precisely defining corners, edges, and center of the screen's 2mm x 2mm, 5cm x 5cm, 10cm x 10cm, 15cm x 15cm, and 20cm x 20cm fields. Intersecting center lines are inscribed with short lines spaced 1cm apart. The screen can rotate about its axis in increments of 45°.

    Dosimetry Films

    Dosimetry Films     (Ready-Pack)
    # FRP-26x30                     5 ea. of 8"x10" sheets / pack, @ EBT3
    # FRP-31x31                     5 ea. of 10"x10" sheets / pack, @ RTQA2
    # FRP-1.25x1.25-BC         5 ea. of 1.25” x 1.25” precuts for Ball Cube
    # FRP-1.25x1.25-LBC       5 ea. of 1.25” x 1.25” precuts for Lung Ball Cube
    # FRP-2.5x2.5-BC             5 ea. of 2.50” x 2.50” precuts for Ball Cube
    These pre-cut films have different shapes which are specially designed as a time-and-cost-saving tool that addresses the needs of medical physicists for CyberKnife™ dosimetry checks.     

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