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    Conformal Bolus

    Conformal Bolus - Transparent™
    * May be cut with scissors and stacked to increase thickness
    * Real transparency allows visual beam location and markers
    * Highly conforming and can be ordered in different flexibility
    * Free of PVC and phthalate plasticizers, air bubbles inside
    * Have the most accurate and thickness uniformity on market
    * Any large sheets up to 60cm square can be customized
    * Material tackiness can be slightly adjusted to meet your needs
    * Highly pliable translucent sheets are available by # heading with BTL      

    Bolus - AquaCast

    Conformal Bolus - AquaCast™

    Ideal for hard-to-bolus areas and any irregular surfaced anatomical feature. Softens in hot water and becomes transparently moldable. Thickness of 4.8 mm is equivalent 0.5 cm traditional petroleum based bolus and 9.6 mm is equivalent 1.0 cm bolus.
    Both sheets and pellets are available.      

    Bolus - Polycast

    Conformal Bolus - Polycast™

    In addition to bolus application, this unique thermoplastic is also ideal for the production of custom oral bites for radiation therapy while using with tongue depressor or semi-rigid foam block. Simply wrap tongue depressors or a foam block in Polycast™ softened in hot water, perfect custom oral bites can be gotten for treatment.
    # BPC-0.32x30x45      Dimensions :    0.32 x 30 x 45cm
    # BPC-0.32x45x60      Dimensions :    0.32 x 45 x 60cm
    Polycast™ Foam Block     # PFB-2x3x5    Dimensions :   2 x 3 x 5cm

    Trident Oral Bite
    Trident Oral Bite

    Trident Oral Bite™

    The color-coded Trident Oral Bite has 3 dents with different dent heights (15mm, 25 & 30mm) to help teeth/maxilla repositioning. It can also help tongue displacement and provides an airway opening for breathing. Custom bites are available upon request.
    # TOB-40x80x15      Dimensions :   W:40 x L:80 x H:15
    # TOB-40x80x25      Dimensions :   W:40 x L:80 x H:25
    # TOB-40x80x30      Dimensions :   W:40 x L:80 x H:30

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