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    Heat Pan

    # HPM-2D   Heat Pan (Medium, Digital)
    # HPL-2D    Heat Pan (Large, Digital)
    Our heat pans are made of heavy-duty stainless-steel for daily service in hospitals & laboratories, especially ideal for the production of masks and splints in medical facilities. ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) are built-in back recess for safe and easy-to-use. Heat pans with 220 Volt are available by catalog # ending with @220. Weights and Inside / Outside dimensions are approximately measured by stainless-steel bodies for the shipping and installation space reference only. Specifications are subject to change without notification.      

    Cast Production Power Table

    # HPL-3D Heat Pan (Large, Digital, with transparent lid)
    This advanced heat pan has all features of # HPL-2D except the transparent foldable cover. The foldable lid are light and easy-to-use.
    In addition, it also makes better accommodation at hospitals or laboratories with limited space.

    Floating Casting Molds

    Floating Casting Molds
    Technicians are always bothered by the cast productions in the past decades because it is not easy to take softened casts from HOT water of heat pans, espeically for butterfly casts with several fixation points. Our unique floating casting moulds specially designed to solve this problem now can help one perosn to handle this work without using clamps & tools. Custom floating casting molds are available.

    Cast Production Power Table

    # CPT-1     Cast Production Power Table (Power)
    This cost-effective table can help weak patients transfer in the mold room for the production of anterior masks and posterior cushions.
    * Size: 200cm (L) x 90cm (W)
    * Steel pipe with powder coating frame
    * Variable height range from 50cm to 80cm
    * Low voltage DC motor switch with foot control

    Transportation Cart

    # CPC-1   Transportation Cart without drawer     (Dimensions: 93cm W x 98cm H x 63cm Deep)
    # CPC-2   Transportation Cart with two drawers  (Dimensions: 93cm W x 125cm H x 63cm Deep)
    These carts are made of stainless steel to conveniently store and transport a wide variety of patient immobilization devices from head, breast, pelvis and knee rest systems in one cart. Wooden ones are also available by model # ending with @WD.
    * Side hook creates optimal storage for Type-S baseplate
    * Equipped with two 5” lockable swivel casters and two 5”fixed casters to ease transportation in RT
    * Specialized interior designs can efficiently store baseplates and other supplies and tools.

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