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    Positioning Cradles

    Facile Aid™ Cradle is ideal to produce quality posterior positioning cradles which are known as Alpha Cradle™. Simply mixing two contents, therapists can easily get custom rigid foam molds in about 15 minutes. Unlike posterior cradles mad of vacuum bags which could have unexpected flat problem, molds made from Facile Aid™ are rigid, light and permanent to keep the same dimensions and contours during whole treatment course. Also, the finished molds can be customized by a utility knife to cut desired "ports" and drawn directly on the molds for markings to aid in repositioning.

    Both bottle kits and ready-pack kits can help mold production in an easy and clean way. Its moderate curing time not only can avoid failure of molding work but also can reduce the motionless discomforts of patients during molding.

    Health & Environment-Friendly
    Due to no volatile organics in the formula, our products have no offensive odor and no inhalation hazard to technicians and patients during operation. In addition, the fire retardant inside can effectively reduce smother emitted from burning foam during garbage disposal or even an accidental fire.

    Facile Aid™ kits release the least heat during molding process to make patients get maximum comfort. Besides, due to the proprietary formula, the finished cradles have less broken problems and the least shrinkage, consequently, can get maximum repositioning accuracy for treatments.

    Custom foaming speed or weight for personal preference are available.

    Foaming Agent

    Custom Kits with different weights and foaming speed are available upon request.
    # FAB-50 (110g)      # FAB-60 (130g)       # FAB-100 (210g)     # FAB-170 (360g)      # FAB-200 (430g)
    # FAB-250 (530g)    # FAB-330 (690g)     # FAB-460 (960g)     # FAB-600 (1,260g)

    Foaming Agent

    Ready-Pack Kits (combined net wt.)
    # FAR-50 (100g)      # FAR-60 (120g)

    Custom head / neck cushion made from # FAB-60 shown with Type-S Overlay and a large S-Frame mask docking by T-shaped push / pull pins.

    # FAB-170 comes with
    T-shaped nylon bag and is ideal to produce cradle for S-Frame masks.

    Breast mold made from
    # FAB-600.

    Pelvis mold made from
    # FAB-600

    Mold Maker

    # MMC-001     Mold Maker
    This Mold Maker Kit consists of one baseplate and two modules for upper body or lower extremities. Simply using the baseplate along with A and B modules as the photos shown left, therapists can create custom posterior molds with perfect contours by two-part foaming agents or vacuum bags for better repositioning during treatments.

    Mold Maker

    # MMC-002     Mold Maker
    Using this advanced molding plate kit, custom comfortable foam molds with perfect contours can be easily created by two-part foaming agents to help repositioning during treatments. Each kit consists of two main modules which are ideal to create molds for upper body and pelvis/lower extremity. Using two modules at the same time can create perfect molds for total body treatment.

    Mold Maker

    # MMR-003     Mold Maker
    Using this classical mold maker, custom comfortable foam cradles with perfect contours made from two-part foaming agents can be created to help patient comfort and repositioning. Each kit comes with one baseplate made of orange or black phenolics with gross weight about 7.5 kg. and 23 ea. wooden dividers which can help the molding process in a manageable and efficient way.

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