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    Patient Marking Tapes
    These pre-marked tapes are easily applied on the skin & remain in place for maximum performance and comfort between 2 ~ 3 days on most patients. The color of marking tapes, say, red lines can be ordered upon request with the same pricings.     

    They have other benefits as follows:

    • Improves visibility
    • Different colors available

    • Minimizes tattooing
    • Easily changeable

    • Shows on all skin types
    • Water resistant

    • More comfortable
    • Breathable

    Patient Marking Seed

    Patient Marking Seeds    (Gold)
    In addition to the traditional application for cervix treatments, gold fiducial markers can be also used in any area of the body and, consequently, these gold markers are ideal as a tool to aid in tumor localization. They can facilitate localization and accurate for Stereotactic Radiosurgery, IMRT and Imaging Guide Radiation Treatment…      

    Patient Marking Tattoo

    Ready-to-use patient tattoo pouches are all inclusive, sterile, single-use tattoo device for patient marking and the tattoo markings made are both small and permanent. The ergonomic design allows for increased control and assists in accurate patient setups.

    # PMT-18      25 pouches/box      (every pouch contains 1”, 18 gauge needle and a black ink ampoule)
    # PMT-22      25 pouches/box      (every pouch contains 1”, 22 gauge needle and a black ink ampoule)
    Environment-friendly economy cartridges and accessories are also available upon request.

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