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    Head Board
    Head Board

    # PPR-101      Universal Head Board
    Unlike other products made of acrylic slabs, our head boards are made of heavy duty resins with adjustable swivels to get moderate radiation attenuation and maximum life time.

    # PPC-101      Universal Head Board
    This baseplate has various versions to choose and like most our other head boards, all these boards have a rectangular recess and locating pins to accommodate the universal head supports such as TIMO™ and Silverman™ .. In addition, after assembling with the optional Custom Pillow Inserts ( # SMC-CPI @5 and # SMR-CPI @6 ) with customizable thickness to replace the traditional shims, they will be an ideal device to use water curing pillows like MoldCare™ , foaming agents and vacuum bags to produce conformal pillows for better immobilization & patient comfort demanded by modern radiation therapy techniques. If you prefer to using head boards with Fixed swivels to hold U-Frame masks in place like CIVCO head boards, please use catalog # PPC-101F for ordering. Head board with five docking holes for accepting S-Frame masks is also available by # PPC-101S to integrate immobilization devices and consumables used in your mold room.

    Prone Baseplate
    Prone Baseplate+

    # PPC-102      Prone Baseplate
    This baseplate is the most versatile attachment which can be used for prone, tilting and lateral positioning. Standard head boards can be easily and firmly mounted to this baseplate by means of two diagonal white pegs as the photo shown right

    Tilting Baseplate
    Tilting Baseplate+

    # PPC-103      Tilting Baseplate
    This baseplate can be used with # PPC-101 and positioned from 5 degrees up to 45 degrees. Also, it is easy to locate & read degree location. Besides, it can be locked down to most couches and even can be mounted onto Type-S overlays such as
    # PPC-161 and # PPC-173.

     # PPC-104
     schematic diagram

    # PPC-104      Lateral Baseplate
    This baseplate can be used with # PPC-101 for the lateral treatment with 3 positioning heights ( 2cm, 5cm & 7cm ) and for prone position as well. It can be easily locked down to different couches by using lock bars. Economy replacement # PPR-104 is also available and MR compatible.

     # PPC-105
     # PPC-105

    # PPC-105      Encompassed Kit
    This encompass kit comes with three 10cm I-shaped posts and one U-shaped carbon fiber board. By using # PPC-101 and two V-Frame masks, perfect conformal head casts like BrainLabTM system can be gotten.
    Furthermore, while using with # PPC-103, prone cast can be produced or treatment.

    # PPC-106F      Compact Tilting Baseplate
    # PPR-106F      Compact Tilting Baseplate
    This baseplate is an integrated version of # PPC-101F & # PPC-103 and an ideal replacement of # MT-20104 for pituitary treatments. It utilizes easy-to-use Fixed swivel clamps for locking down a variety of thermoplastic masks and is also easy to locate and read degree location for angles from 0° to 45° due to unique design on arches. Like most of our other head boards, these head boards also have unique indents for producing universals pillows or custom cushions to maximize immobilization accuracy and patient comfort.