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    Positioning Cradles

    # PPC-281     ComfortProne™    ( Low Profile, 13cm height, with carbon fiber baseplate )
    # PPR-281     ComfortProne™    ( Low Profile, 13cm height, MR version )
    # PPC-282     ComfortProne™    ( High Profile, 20cm height, with carbon fiber baseplate )
    # PPR-282     ComfortProne™    ( High Profile, 20cm height, MR version )
    The prone breast system is mainly designed to reduce irradiation to the chest wall, healthy cardiac tissue and lungs, and spares the vital organs with extra patient comfort and maximum treatment outcome during a course of external beam radiation therapy. The radiation dose is more evenly distributed in the breast, lessening the chance of painful scar tissue forming. Prone positioning on the system with opening bridge provides an unobstructed lateral field for pendulous breast tissues and assists to acquire optimum angle during radiation therapy for breast cancer. The system allows for even weight distribution and two profiles (13cm and 20cm) can accommodate all patient sizes onto the system.

    System has features as follows:

    Arm Board

    # PPC-281 carbon fiber baseplate version, 13 cm height, shown with # PPR-281-SB Small Opening Breast Bridge and # PPR-281-SW 15° Slant Wedge

    Why Prone Breast System?
    “From many prospective studies, the prone position allows a significant decrease of ipsilateral lung dose in all patients and a favorable trend for heart dose in patients with left sided cancer that became significant in the group of patients actually treated with prone setup.”

    Treatment plans in prone (left) and supine (right) setup.

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