SBRT Positioning System

SBRT Positioning System

# PPC-562    SBRT Positioning System
# PPR-562    SBRT Positioning System (MR compatible)
Specifically designed for accuracy and tumor-focused positioning, this new system includes multiple customizable options, allowing each patient to be securely positioned during treatment. The total body system is easy to use and locks down onto most treatment couches, making complex treatments easier and more accessible. System has following features...      

Indexing Treatment Base

# PPC-562-ITB     Indexing Treatment Base

Turner Arches Kit with respiratory suppression plate

# PPC-562-TAK    Turner Arches Kit with respiratory suppression plate

Upper Arm Support

# PPC-562-UAS    Upper Arm Support

Nylon VacBag

# PPC-562-VND     VacBag™-Nylon, Dual-chamber
# PPC-562-VNT     VacBag™–Nylon, Tri-chamber

Respiratory Belt Kit

# PPC-562-RBK    Respiratory Belt Kit

Thigh Strap Kit

# PPC-562-TSK    Thigh Strap Kit

Thigh and Foot Positioner

# PPC-562-TFP    Thigh and Foot Positioner

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