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    # PPC-401    KNEE-Fix™ positioning system (one-leg, carbon fiber)
    # PPR-401    KNEE-Fix™ positioning system (one-leg, resin)
    # PPC-402    KNEE-Fix™ positioning system (two-leg, carbon fiber)
    # PPR-402    KNEE-Fix™ positioning system (two-leg, resin)
    KNEE-Fix™ can raise two legs in different heights & offer the ability to slightly splay two legs for comfort and ease of treatment. Two built-in handles can make it easy to carry & transfer. In addition, there is no need to use additional vacuum cushions for increased comfort because all wedges are made of durable coated foams.
    Therapists can finish setups in a minute simply by changing different knee wedges with different heights (5cm, 10cm & 15cm) which make this system have a great diversity for height adjustments. The framed casts easily locked by the white sliding clamps onto gray positioning cover plates for legs fixation with added reproducibility. Each kit includes a baseplate and 3 single knee wedges.

    Knee Wedge

    # PPR-401-SKW-5-AS        5cm Single Knee Wedge with acrylic shim
    # PPR-401-SKW-10-AS    10cm Single Knee Wedge with acrylic shim
    # PPR-401-SKW-15-AS    15cm Single Knee Wedge with acrylic shim

    Pre-molded cast
    # PPT-401-PM-1     Pre-molded cast for one leg fixation   30cm x 45 cm with two handles
     @AC204      @AC244      @AC324   @FC204      @FC244      @FC324
    # PPT-401-PM-2     Pre-molded cast for two legs fixation   40cm x 45 cm with two handles
     @AC204      @AC244      @AC324   @FC204      @FC244      @FC324

    KNEE Positioning System

    # PPR-403    KNEE-Rest™ Positioning System
    Standard kit includes one acrylic baseplate, 2 elevation boards & two 10cm single knee wedges. It is ideal for a quick capture of low legs for hip & pelvis treatment. Users can finish setups in a minute by piling up wedges on the height increment boards. Built-in rubber feet under boards can help eliminate slipping problem.      

    KNEE Support Positioner

    # PPR-405        KNEE-Support™ Positioners     (without knee cut-outs)

    # PPR-405C     KNEE-Support™ Positioners     (with knee cut-outs)
    W: 30cm x L: 51cm x H: 18cm
    These positioners can provide knee / shank support and help flexion to relieve lower back stress and pain. They have stain- resistant & easy-to-clean coating in between patient contact. Two built-in handles can help operation and four rubber feet prevent slipping. Lock bars can be used for IPPS™ technique.

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